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JEE main 2018 colleges predictor acc. to your rank

JEE main 2018 rank list is released now and everyone must be thinking about which college he/she will get according to his/her rank. So here JEE main 2018 college predictors come into play.There are many college predictor according to JEE main rank list.

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JEE Main 2018 college predictor

JEE main college predictor is given below and you will have to Enter your JEE main rank, rank type, your category, and counselling round. And this will predict rank for you. Use this tool to check you expected college for JEE main 2018.

We hope that you have checked your expected college by using JEE main college predictor 2018. Now you can go for counselling and here are some important links.


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  2. jee mains marks-57
    +2 marks 888
    can I get set in nit

    1. Malayanil Degharia


  3. sir i got mains 57 ,+2 I got 89% what next

  4. I got 101 marks in jee main Obc category and got 83.2% in CBSE 12 board …..I want to get branch CSE..Electronics..IT…….can I get any NIT college with my stream???

    also predict my rank also

    thnx in advance!!!

  5. I got 121 in mains general category
    88.6 in CBSE board predict my college

    1. contact me. I can advice you a few.

    2. You will get approx 70000rank in general have highly probable chances to get all Gfti college with good branch

  6. sir i got 108 marks in jeemain 2016 and i am from telangana board caste OBC I GOT 97.5% IN BOARD. IN WHICH COLLEGE i can get seat

  7. sir igot 110 marks in jee mains.i am sc candidate.i got 66% in cbse.what would be my rank?

  8. rank-100000
    predict college

  9. jee main-67

    12th board-75% (jac)
    predict college

  10. Please tell me when will be the online registration counselling start and from where i can register??

    1. Ravi prakash
      i got jee main marks 73
      which college for me

  11. my jee main sscore is 95 and i secured 69% from aligarh mushlim university board. i belong to obc category. Can i get admission to govt colleges or NIT??
    Please tell me!

  12. sir in jee i got 77 my caste is bc-b as per the cut off i am qualified but i doubt wether i would get any nice college or not in +2 i got 83.5% so please say me what to do next?


    i got jeemain marks- 98
    chse marks-83%
    can i get a seat in a nit collage or in a good govt. collage???

    1. ya baby ofcource spent one night with me and i will give you admsn in iit roorkee

      mail @

      1. Saurabh Rajurkar - Super Manus

        Oye babu,first tell us, if you ever got admission in such IITs or NITs.Go spend one night with your mother, that will be better! X-(

  14. please informed that college which should i go?
    on the basis of my jeemain score.

  15. This shiksha add is no allowing to do anything

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