JoSAA 2018- Joint Seat Allocation Authority Dates & Allotment

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  1. shravan singh rathore

    i have been alloted a nit in 1 round now what to do to take part in next round

  2. Sir due to conjection of network i was unable to fill my choice filling form even on last date
    please help me sir

  3. plz help sir i missed to register yesyerday….
    I ws trying to register form past three days bt network ws very slow plzzzz help……..
    plzzzzz help for d sake of my future…….

  4. Sir
    i have got cse in nit warangal in round 1 of seat allocation but i wanted cse in nit trichy, will i be able to get it.
    my rank is 739 should i wait for 2nd cutoff and what is the procedure

  5. Sir yesterday 6th July I was try every sec for choice locking but every time website show try again expired why dear sir please sir release the next date for apply those student who has not appaer please grant my comment seriously sir plz plz plz plz Plz for our carrear sir Pl plz plz

  6. Sir I miss the online filling choice lock sir please what I want to do 50 marks in jee and 69.9% in 12th

  7. Sir due to conjection of network i was unable to fill my choice filling form even on last date l had tried 100 times since last 3days please help me sir

  8. Nabeel Najeeb Kassin

    Every time i login the session expires.i have been trying to lock my choice for the last two days .And today is the last date.olease help

  9. I was not filled any clg in choice of filling so what i have to do nw plz can any one guide me

  10. Dear Sir,
    According to the Josaa 2015 Business Rules and under the section ” Eligibility for Jee advance 2016 in subsequent years” it is written that a student who is allocated a seat under Josaa 2015 will not be able to give Jee advanced 2016,but they have not mentioned that they are talking of admission in NIT or IITs & ISM .Does that mean if I take a seat at NIT’s also I wouldn’t be able to give Jee advanced 2016? Please reply fast its really urgent,first round results comes out tomorrow………a quick and authentic reply would be highly apreciated,thank you so much

  11. Sir ur sire is not working. i am unable to lock choices and time is over..
    I have tried each and every helpline no but either no is invalid or no one picka the call.
    plz help.
    My future ia on sake.!

  12. cudnt rearrange choice due to invalid session popping up every min.pls help

  13. With all due respect,
    I have been trying for 3 days upto the deadline, but the session expires as soon as a choice is selected
    Kindly help. And look into the matter

  14. sir, your website is not working properly due to which i am unable to lock my choices. today is the last day to fill our choices. please fix this as soon as possible.

  15. I can’t fill in choices as the JOSSA site is not working since last 2-3 days with weird problems of getting disconnected every 2 minutes. What is this! The authority simply posted the Time limit for choice locking, i.e., today (6th July) 5 pm. There is no response from the authority as to when they would fix this problem or if they would extend the date of choice filling and locking!

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