JoSAA 2021 Counselling date, procedure, registration results JEE main

Joint Seat Allocation Authority, commonly known as JoSAA, is the result of collaboration of JAB (Joint Allocation Board) and CSAB (Central Seat Allocation Board). The main purpose of this collaboration is to provide a common platform to all the engineering aspirants to apply to India’s best engineering colleges or institutes.

JoSAA 2021 Counselling

Till 2014, seat allotment procedure for JEE Main qualifiers for admission to NITs, IIITs and GFTIs was conducted by Central Seat Allocation Board (CSAB). But, from 2015, the procedure of JoSAA counselling will be carried out by JoSAA. Only the students who have qualified the JEE Main 2021 or JEE Advance 2021, can participate in JoSAA Counselling. The candidates are required to fill in their choices between July 2021. Any application after this date will not be entertained.

The result of the JEE Main which was held on April 2021, will be announced last week of April 2021. The candidates who have cleared the JEE Main exam 2021 will be taken as eligible for the participation in JoSAA counselling process

Some Important Dates for JoSAA 2021 counselling are:

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  1. My marks in jee main is 143 and in gujrat board 95.6 percantage

    what is chance for NIT

    1. sir i got 36 marks in jee main 2016 in sc category and 84.2% in j $ k board.. may i attend the councling of jee main.

      1. Never

      2. should be ashamed

        1. Should be ashamed.. You should be ashamed for comparing someone’s abilities.. What if he’s good in something else and you’re not.

      3. I got 134 marks in mains and expecting around 75 marks in advanced. What should i do, should i take a drop and prepare for next year or take admission in college i get?

        1. If you are dedicated enough to get enrolled into iit’s or NIT’s then I will advise take a drop ..but your mark are good and I think your rank will be around 38k – will get nits at 5th round with cse surely… You can take admission in well known university.. As you have good score you can get lnmiit Rajasthan..maybe thapar also but with dual degree maybe you can get cse at 3 round…best of luck for your promising future …

      4. sir i got 68 in jeemains n 75.8% in NIOS WITH sc category. can i get nit college with civil ya fir electronics

    2. Yaa u can get nits..

    3. My daughter got 75 marks in jee main 2016 (OBC_NCL) and 80 % in 12th CBSE. I would like to get her admission in MNIT Jaipur. She is My Only Child. Is there any reservation for Single girl child ? what is her chance of Admission in MNIT Jaipur.

      1. Sorry there is no such scheme for only girl child

      2. no chance at all


        No there is no any chance .but you will try for reservation quotas

      4. I got 89 in JEE main. can I get NIT or any other collages I scored 94.6% in state board exam

    4. 100% chances for nit

      1. Uday singh baghel

        Sir i have got 56 marks in jee main can i get any iiit or gftis with cs branch

      2. Tough to get nit if u are general.

    5. can get…because my frirnd’s younger brother also got nit silchar fir civil engineering in first round hissa counselling at 143. marks in jee main2017..Thank u

  2. Sir i got 18 marks in jee mains and 78.8% in MP board and i am a OBC Female candidate.
    Can I participate in Counselling ?
    What will be my rank and how can i get into any nit’s

    1. U can participate in counselling but wont get any nit!!

    2. You will not get


  3. When josaa registration will start? When we will be required to bring 12th marksheet??

  4. Sir i got 54 marks in jee mains and 70.2% in cbse board and i am a sc candidate. What will be my rank and how can i get into any nit’s

    1. 3 to 4 Lacs

  5. /Where are the JOSSA counselling centres located? Do the candidates appear physically for document verification on 1st of July 2015 ? What is the fees to be paid

    1. At yours nearest IIT nd nit clz…

  6. my son gate 90.8% in board exam & he gate 106 mark in jee mains 2015 which nit & gft or iiit gate admission in computer engg

  7. Is there any registration needed?
    If so then how? Please send a link

  8. 1.How to register for JoSSA?
    Do i have to register or I will be directly registerd through jee mains 2015.
    2.How to take admisson in NITs ?
    3.When will I get my air?

  9. sir igot 170 marks in jee mains with a board percentage of 98.5 what is the range of rank which i can get?

    1. your range will be 1000-2000

  10. My GEN rank is 21000 and OBC-NCL is 4850. What are my chances of getting IIT seat? Please clarify and help me. Thanks in advance.

    1. it is unlikely…that u get a seat…in IIT….as it is joint counceling…..there might be a slim \chance butu may end up getting a bad branch in iit…So my advance is to go for better Nit if possible or prepare for the coming year

  11. Satyendra Kumar Yadav

    actually I may get admission in MANIT in I round only.
    And there’s a chance of MNNIT also in spot round.
    So can I book my seat in MANIT I and then reappear for MNNIT in spot round ?
    Do I have to pay fee twice ?

  12. when will be getting our jee mains AIRs?

  13. Does a candidate have more than one offer in one round? eg. does a candidate is offered a seat from Both NIT and IIT?

    1. Sir I have got 203 marks in jee main and isc board Delhi 93.6% ,which rank I am expected to get

      1. sir i got 193 marks in jee main 2016 and 90% in rajasthan board what chances of getting NIT’s???

      2. Kya yaar online registration aap ne bi mat miss karli.

  14. Sir my jee mains mark is 105 and my board percentage is 87.8 will I get good nit

    1. your rank will be under 30000

      1. no chance…it will be around 80000

    2. Nope…it crosses 100000…and BTW it depends on the ercentile not percentage….So it depends on how your peers performed in the board exams…..

    3. your rank will be 130000 general

  15. Is there any chance of a student who have not cleared JEEmain to participate in counselling?

    1. No chance

      1. marks in jeeman with Maharashtra board % 83 what will be rank ?whether can i get admission in any nit for chemical engg or electrical
        marks in jee adv 135 whether can i get admission for chemical engg in any iit?

      2. What is the criteria for clearing the jeemains ?

        I scored 18 markes in Jeemains 2015, Not qualified for JEE advanced 2015.

        Does that mean I would not able to participate in josaa-counselling ?

        1. LET me tell u …….. u should take admission in any of ur nearest college…….by giving donation

          1. Sai pavan mallarapu

            Sir I have scored 53 marks in SC category in jeemains and 95.8% in ipe intermediate . Will I get a seat from any NIT colleges. Please reply me sir

          1. sir i got 755 rank under prepatory course in sc category which college i get in itt

          2. sir i got 754 rank under prepatory course in sc category which college i get in itt

      3. sir my air rank is 196247
        m in gen. category
        can i get NIT?

        1. no never impossible for a general student

      4. I have secured 87% in 2nd puc Karnataka board and I will get 41 marks in her main in sc quota. Can I get not eingneering

      5. I have secured 87% in 2nd puc Karnataka board and I will get 41 marks in her main in sc quota. Can I get nit eingneering

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